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Discover Scuba Dive

Green Island is a world class dive site with over 30 meters visibility of the blue glass sea. Green Island Bay Dive has PADI certified dive resorts and professional instructors, so that you can swim in the beautiful blue sea with peace of mind; even if you do not know how to swim, you can still join!

- Event Details -

Dive briefing (30 mins):Underwater skills briefing/get change.
Shore side (15 mins):Equipment wearing and skills review.
Actual underwater time (30 - 40 mins):
depends on the actual underwater conditions of each person.
Back to the center and get changed:
break time for refreshments (about 2 hrs in total).

- Activity Fee Includes -

One experience dive (shore dive)
Full set of equipment for diving
(wetsuit, mask, diving boots, regulator, BCD)
Drinks, snacks, towels, bathing facilities and toiletries 
Commercial General Liability Insurance with 3 million
A certificate of discover scuba diving
Beautiful underwater photos, videos (electronic files) 


- Additional Information -
▸ Heart disease of any kind, High blood pressure, Asthma or wheezing, Cold, Pregnancy etc, are not allowed.
(Medical statement will provide prior to diving. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you have a physician’s/doctors approval to participating in scuba diving.)
▸Avoid alcohol at least 8 hours prior to diving
▸Recommended to wait 24 hours before flying after doing any type of diving.
▸Prescription Dive Masks are provided, or you could wear your own contact lenses.

- Activity Photos -